We create AI Agents that deliver hyper growth.
Our AI agents take care of administrative tasks, freeing up your people to focus on growth.
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Our belief
AI is the most transformational technology in human history. It's our mission to help business & society adopt this technology.

What we do

We build AI agents. An AI agent is essentially a virtual employee who can perform any administration task.  Example tasks include; responding to enquiries, launching promotional campaigns, scheduling meetings... and lots more.

They are highly scale-able and integrate perfectly with existing technology stack. They can take care of the most mundane jobs, at any time of the day. They can deal with difficult & rude customers without anyone getting upset. Crucially, they enable your most important resource, your people, to focus on what they're great at.

Each AI agent is optimised to perform a specific task for your organisation, however they can be combined or ‘chained’ together to automate entire workflows and business functions.

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How we work

Our model

Our business model is simple. For each AI agent, there is a setup fee and an ongoing usage fee.

We leverage AI, offshore development & onshore highly experienced technical teams to deliver high quality at a sensible price.

If at any point you want to support the agents yourself, it’s not a problem. All the IP is owned by you, and we’ll help you with the migration.

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Stuff that we find interesting

No, AI Won’t Kill Writing Code: The Future is in Balance
Jun 4, 2024

In recent years, the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have sparked widespread speculation about the future of coding. Some believe that the era of manually writing code is coming to an end, soon to be replaced by simply instructing AI through natural language. While this vision holds a kernel of truth, the reality might be far more nuanced. I expect the future of software development will lie in a symbiotic relationship between human coders and AI, where a blend of natural language and precise coding can unlock unprecedented potential.

The Emergence of Service as Software: AI-Driven Transformation
Feb 24, 2024

I believe that a profound transformation is underway, one that promises to reshape our understanding of how services are delivered. This transformation heralds the arrival of what I’m calling "Service as Software," a shift that challenges the traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) model. At its core, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the driving force behind this change, enabling service companies to transition to a world where software not only supports organisations in service delivery, but actually delivers the service.

Next level Robotic Learning with LLMs
Oct 23, 2023

Robots spinning pens as skill-fully as any human. NVIDIA Research's latest AI agent, Eureka, has made this a reality.This skill, depicted in a recent video (for those who can't view it, here's a link), is just a glimpse of Eureka's capabilities. To date, robots under Eureka's training have mastered nearly 30 complex tasks, ranging from the casual act of opening drawers to the playful toss and catch of balls.

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