AI Lead Generation

The property sector has always thrived on timely responses and quotations for required works based on audit reports. The manual processing of these reports, followed by crafting personalised quotes, proved to be a significant bottleneck for our client, a leading property maintenance provider.


‍Our AI tool was developed to seamlessly process property audit reports, understand the specifics of the required work, and then auto-generate tailored emails to clients with precise quotations. This instantaneous process ensures that clients receive quotations in record time, greatly enhancing the likelihood of securing the contract. Beyond just improving speed, the tool has reduced manual errors, and streamlined the lead generation process. Now, our client can focus more on the execution of contracts rather than being bogged down by the initial stages of lead generation and quotation creation.


‍Time saved per report:

  • 55 minutes Cost saved per report (based on an average hourly wage of £12):
  • £11 saved per report
  • Total reports processed: 5,000
  • Total time saved: 4,583 hours
  • Annual saving: £55,000

Additionally, the improved response time and accuracy have led to an increase in the conversion rate of leads, further amplifying the ROI. The tool by MFH not only streamlines the quotation process but also stands as a testament to the power of AI in transforming business operations.

MFH introduced an AI-driven lead generation tool that processes property audit reports to automatically evaluate, extract, and itemise the required works. Upon extraction, the tool crafts prospective emails to clients, outlining the detailed works and providing them with an immediate quotation.
November 2023
We were able to help our client save significant amounts of time preparing quotations and generated additional revenue by increasing the volume of quotations served.
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