AI Lease Abstraction

With MFH's solution, the cumbersome and time-consuming process of manually abstracting data from property leases was dramatically transformed. Our client, a major property management firm, had been allocating considerable resources to ensure that lease details were meticulously documented.


‍Utilising cutting-edge AI, we developed a system that automatically abstracts relevant data from the leases and populates a user-friendly platform. This platform can be accessed by clients for direct downloads or interfaced with other AI agents for advanced analytics and monitoring.

  • 20 minutes cost saved per lease (based on an average hourly wage of £12)
  • £4 for each lease processed
  • 1,000 leases per year
  • Total time saved: 333 hours
  • Annual saving: £4,000

Considering the potential for scaling and the added value from seamless integration with other AI tools, the ROI will only increase in the future. The automation provided by MFH is not just a cost-saving tool; it's a game-changer in property data management.

MFH developed an AI-driven solution to automate the abstraction of data from property leases and populate a database that customers can access directly, either by downloading the abstracted data in CSV format or via an API to give AI agents context of the managed portfolio.
December 2023
By deploying our solution, we've not only expedited the data extraction process but also improved accuracy and reduced human error. With the provision of an API, we've broadened the possibilities of how this data can be utilised, offering a seamless integration with other digital tools and systems. This means less time doing admin, more time winning and talking to customers.
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