AI Maintenance Assistant

Our client runs a highly successful call centre that services the property sector and specialises on out of hours maintenance support. They were struggling to hire quickly enough to support their growth and were looking for ways to reduce their costs to improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.


We were able to leverage their substantial expertise in triaging and resolving maintenance issues to create an AI agent that handles property maintenance issues autonomously, at a fraction of the previous cost. In doing so, we also unlocked a new low cost 24/7 maintenance service that they are able to provide to their customers.


Cost with humans: £5.50 per task

Cost with machines: £0.40 per task

Annual tasks: 100,000

Annual saving: £510,000

Additional annual revenue: £200,000

Adi autonomously handles resident property maintenance issues and enquiries, and raises reports for follow up actions.
August 2023
With Adi, we were able to reduce cost and increase revenue, whilst actually improving the customer experience.
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